I'm Thomas "Toma" Officer ― a designer, front-end developer, and lawyer. I work to increase access to justice through software.

I've been working in legal tech since 2013. I was one of the first five employees at CrowdCheck (one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Brilliant Companies of 2015). This was my introdcution to the discipline of business process management and the "productification" of legal services. This is also around the time that I started building websites and teaching myself software development. I see such potential in the combination of software and legal services. I love what I do.

In 2016, I joined Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood as a Design Fellow. The fellowship had two goals: (1) work alongside New Yorkers with low-incomes to identify opportunities for software to improve access to justice; and (2) meet co-founders and launch a company to engage that opportunity. This is how Community.lawyer was born.

I currently lead design and front-end development at Community.lawyer.

I was born in France, raised in New Hampshire, and went to law school in Scotland. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.