Thomas F. Officer

Design / front-end development / legal tech


My name is Thomas "Toma" Officer. I'm a product designer, lawyer, and front-end web developer.

I've been working in legal tech since 2013. I was one of the first five employees at CrowdCheck, an innovative small business that leveraged tech to transform a high-touch legal service into a more consumer friendly product/service hybrid. This is around the same time I started building websites and practicing UX design. These experiences changed the trajectory of my career.

In 2016, I was a Design Fellow at Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood. The purpose of the fellowship was to discover and launch a high-impact legal technology company. This is where I met my cofounders and launched Community Lawyer.

I currently lead design and front-end development at We build tools that help lawyers package legal services as more affordable product/service hybrids.

I was born in France, raised in New Hampshire, and went to law school in Scotland. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.