Headshot of Thomas Officer

I'm Thomas Officer.

Product designer, frontend developer, and startup cofounder. I love coffee shops, scotch, and the Terra Ignota novel series.

I've been designing and building legal software products for the past 8 years. In 2016, I was awarded a Design Fellowship from Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood and cofounded Community.lawyer, where I serve as Design Lead today.

I think life is an awesome mystery and everyone deserves the freedom to explore it on their own. I doubt whether there is a general, all encompassing purpose to life, but I am certain we each have an individual purpose to be happy and fulfilled. I believe that myths can help us unlock the answer to our individual purpose.

I was born in France, raised in New Hampshire, and went to law school in Scotland. I tried to start a life in Europe in my mid twenties but I missed my family too much and ultimately returned to New England where I live now.